40th Judicial Circuit Court 

Coosa County Courthouse
9709 US Hwy 231
PO Box 98
Rockford AL 35136
Phone: 256-377-4988

The Judicial Circuit Court has original jurisdiction over all civil and criminal matters not vested exclusively in another court. They have jurisdiction over all felony prosecutions and disputes where the amount or damages exceed $10,000. The Circuit Courts may exercise jurisdiction in Juvenile Courts when the disputed amount is over $3,000 and in certain lower courts appeals. Most Circuit Court cases are heard by juries.

The following Judge presides over the Coosa County Circuit Court:

  • Hon. David Law

District Court 

The District Court handles cases were the disputed dollar amount is more than $3,000 (small claims) but less than $10,000 (circuit court). The court has jurisdiction over criminal misdemeanors and may hold preliminary hearings in felony prosecutions.

9709 US Hwy 231
PO Box 115
Rockford AL 35136
Phone: 256-377-4957

The following Judge presides over the Coosa County District Court:

  • Hon. Carlton L. Teel

Probate Court 

Cases heard in the Probate Court include probate of wills, sale and disposition of real and personal property, property division, adoptions, estates of descendants, land issues (titles, contracts), emancipation (declaring a minor to be 21 for work purposes), property title confirmation, commitments of mentally disabled, guardianships and conservatorships of minors and incapacitated adults, eminent domain.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

9709 US Hwy 231
PO Box 218
Rockford AL 35136
Phone: 256-377-4919

The following Judge presides over the Coosa County Probate Court:

  • Hon. Richard M. Dean